About Us

The Saudi Arabian Environmental Health Association (SAEHA) has been established for environmental health professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to further professional knowledge and keep abreast of current developments in technical and scientific subjects related to environmental health.


To promote and develop environmental health knowledge and practice within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To be an active and sustainable environmental health society that, through our inherited values of public health protection, community service and professionalism will promote best industry practices to prevent disease, respond to current and future public health challenges, foster research initiatives, develop young professionals, disseminate awareness information and collaborate with other professional organizations to protect the health and well-being of the community at large.



Grow and diversify SAEHA membership to and promote and enhance the value of the environmental health profession with in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Professional Development

Enable professional development to further develop and enhance knowledge and professionalism in environmental health within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; promoting excellence in environmental health practice.

Research and Development

Provide a platform to promote and enable environmental health research and development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Networking Opportunities

Access to local and specialist low-cost and free professional development events, online forums and social media  through our membership network means meeting and being in contact with peers, allowing you to gain real insight into what’s happening across the environmental health sector and helping you make connections that can help you further your knowledge and career.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism
  • Partnership
  • Inclusivity

Becoming a Member

As a SAEHA member you are instantly connected with other environmental health professionals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Anyone can join, from students through to those in retirement. Membership is FREE for the first year with a small subscription payable on renewal after the first year. Click here to join today!



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