Food fraud

Food fraud

Food-related diseases affect tens of millions of people and kill thousands each year. A foodborne illness is caused by eating or drinking a contaminated food or beverage.

To develop environmental health knowledge we inform you the availability of these massive open online courses about Food fraud.

  1. Univ of Michigan – 2 MOOCs (food fraud overview & food fraud audit guide), subscribe


  1. Univ of Michigan – paid course (Food Fraud Vulnerability Workshops) – covers screening tools, 1200$ over 2 days in Michigan. Link to registration events– 


  1. Univ of East Anglia (MOOC)- Identifying Food Fraud (online, 4 weeks of webinars x 2 hours per week).
  • Covers history of food fraud and the modern analytical tools to detect food fraud primarily using different spectroscopy instruments from IR to NMR with case studies (i.e. horse meat scandal – testing for linolenic acid – add pulp wash to orange juice, mislabelled virgin olive oil, etc). More on the chemistry side but interesting to illustrate how instrumentation can be done to detect species vs. conventional DNA fingerprinting.
  • link to pre-register, certificate of completion available for 59$


November 22, 2017

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